name = Sara Leon

comments = Hi love your Andalusian Stallion Cazar, Iam looking to breed
my mare next year I really want to breed her to a black Lusitano but if a
Andalusian is breath taking I ill consider a breeding to them Your stud
is breath taking and very nice conformation, I have a Lusitano/National
Show Horse Cross she is black and white pinto she has great conformation
and a great temperment. I will get into contact with you guys as soon as
my search is complete. Thanks for your site.
name = Shari Hagewood

comments = There's my Boy!  He is a truly wonderful creature and I'm so
pleased to see he has a website now.  Great going Ms. V!
name = Kim Male

comments = Cazar is truly handsome, gorgeous, perfecto...I love him.
name = Cathy Peterson

comments = Website is awesome. Cazar looks really regal, and the proud
perfect andalusian he is. Fantastic job!
name = Rita Kilchenman

comments = Hey Victoria your website is wonderful,enjoyed looking at
Cazar what a Stud! I loved your Memorium of Hostal,brings back memories
of how beautiful he was and breeding to him, Thank you!
name = Diane Blanzy

comments = Found one of your fillies for sale and that lead me to here.
What simply stunning and gorgeous horses. I hope to one day have the
priveledge of being owned by a PRE Andalusian.
name = Jan Bressler

comments = A beautiful horse came to me in a dream.  How wonderful to
learn it was an Andalusian, much like your wonderful Cazar.  Thank you
for the fine photos, so I could better learn about what I dreamed.
name = Abel Andrade

comments = My wife and I are very proud to own Jerez (sired by Cazar).
Every morning I look forward to going out to the barn to see him.  Jerez
is the center of attention wherever he goes!!! Your website looks great!
name = Linda Morgan

comments = Hi Vicky, This is your neighbor with the Appy's across the
street from you behind DeLaval. I visited you while walking my little
labradoodle. I love your website. The photos are beautiful. Reading about
your mom was very interesting. She had such an exciting life. I am glad
to have met you. I'm still bragging your stallion up to my friends. He is
the 1st Andalusian I've seen in the flesh besides my sisters little
Azteca. Take care!! Linda
name = Sylvia J. Garcia

comments = I was blessed to have known your mom, she was uniquely
beautiful.  I am blessed to have a daughter of Cazar out of my AQHA mare,
Jeslika Queen.  Reyna del Cazar, foaled 5/26/2004 is a beautiful Azteca!
name = Jamie Kearns Carl

comments = Vicky, I am so sorry for the loss of your Mother.  Although
our time together as best friends back in the 70's was brief, I remember
what a vibrant, beautiful, fun and compassionate woman she was. Your
website is beautiful and you have truly fulfilled your dream of having
your horses.  They are absolutely magnificent.  Jamie
name = abel garza

comments = Vicky, you and your mother came to me when i was done dreaming
and started living. You guys made it easy to have such beautiful horses
I'll never forget you guys take care hope to see you soon
name = Sergio and Dawn Munoz

comments = We have the most beautiful son of Cazar, His name is Diego De
Cazar and there is not other than him and his father.  Our mare Venus will
never be breed by another stud, she will forever be faithful to Cazar.
Thank you Vicki
name - Anneliese Marques

Hello    I just looked through your website. What a beautiful stallion Cazar is! I
was especially touched by the Memoriam page ~ the loss of your mother, a proud
and resourceful woman; Hostal, a precious Cardenas stallion, and then the real
tear-jerker, Freckles. I can relate to it all.
Anneliese Marques  Quillan, Aude, France