In 2006 I lost my beloved mother.  She was my confidant,
playmate, partner and best friend.

She was a force of nature.  From Politician, Model and Singer to
       Andalusian breeder, cotton picker, writer and mother...
her life was full.

The world has lost a star and my life is not as bright.
I will miss her always.

In 2006 we also lost our Cardenas stallion Hostal.
Elizabeth Sperline
Jay Silverheels
"Tonto" from the Lone Ranger
Elizabeth Sperline
Barry Goldwater
Elizabeth Sperline
Maureen Reagan
Elizabeth Sperline
Nelson Rockefeller
Elizabeth Sperline
Spiro Agnew
Elizabeth Sperline
Edgar Bergen
Elizabeth Sperline
as a child
Elizabeth Sperline
Ronald Reagan
the model
Elizabeth Sperline 1934 - 2006
Elizabeth ran for the California State Senate in 1972 and was
the first woman president of the "Young Republicans"
Elizabeth Sperline Perpetual Trophy
PAALH Canada
Presented to Bette-Lyn Egar by Warren Mather at the 2006 Canadian Andalusian Show
1993 - 2009
August 6, 2009
My dog just died just after
7 tonight after 16 years , I
am soo sad I miss her so
much never had such a
smart or dedicated dog
ever, she was in her usual
spot at my feet when she
Life sucks ! I miss her so
much , even 2 days ago
she went with me out to
drop round bales for the
mares she just wouldn't
stay out she had to do her
job for the last time.
I will always miss & love
her, she helped me so
much she knew all the
horses by name and would
do her job when asked ( or
sometimes when she
thought I was going to ask
:) ) and helped when my
Mom & Hostal died she
never left my feet !.